√Čtape Caledonia

Etape Caledonia is a mass participation cycling event, with tens of thousands of cyclists taking part since the first race in 2007.

The town buzzes with activity, and swarms with bikes and riders, from the Friday before the race. There are practice rides, final equipment checks, and registration to deal with before setting out on the day of the race, at the extremely early hour of 0645 after a carb-packed breakfast!

Pitlochry is only 25 miles north of Perth, and is easily accessible by car and train (or bike!), but accommodation in the area will be at a premium, so it is advisable to book in good time. To be sure not to get caught out by the various temporary road closures on the day, it is worth checking the detailed map (with timings) on the the event's website.

Etape Caledonia is certainly an event for the whole family to enjoy, whether or not you are a keen cyclist, and the excitement over the whole weekend is tangible!