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Pitlochry’s Twin-town Association:
“Friends Of Confolens”

Friends of Confolens has been established for over twenty years, and aims to develop social, cultural and economic links with Pitlochry’s Twin Town of Confolens, which is situated in the Limousin/Charente region of France. Our twinning is one of around twenty in Perth & Kinross, and over the next few years PKC will highlight the importance of these links.

Since the agreement was signed in 2000 (it can be seen in the Pitlochry & Moulin Heritage Centre), we have hosted many successful group visits from Confolens to Pitlochry, which have been extensively covered in their regional media, such as the Charente Libre newspaper. In the early years, several group visits were made from Pitlochry to Confolens, with the Pipe Band and Scottish Country Dancers appearing at the renowned Festival de Confolens. More recently, the partnership has only been maintained by individuals making private visits, but we are organising a group visit for late September 2024.

While the UK was still part of the single market, many student work-exchanges were arranged, which brought many benefits to the individuals concerned and to our communities. Initiatives in Scotland (via COSLA) and the rest of the UK (UK-France Mayors Summit), seek to restore these links, to the benefit of tourism and trade, as well as cultural exchange. We have a role to play keeping our communities informed of possibilities as they develop.

We hold several events each year to raise funds, in order to host delegations from Confolens and to reduce the costs of future visits to Confolens, for those who could otherwise not participate. These include ceilidhs, whisky-tasting, pétanque competitions, and, on Bastille Day, “Let Them Eat Cake” – a joyous celebration of Jacobite music and French Patisserie traditions. We also aim to support local French-language chat groups.

For further details of the group email Tom McEwan – tgmcewan@gmail.com with the word “Confolens” in the Message Subject line