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Explorers Garden

Laid out over 6 acres, next to Pitlochry's famous Festival Theatre, the Explorers Garden is a wonderful woodland garden which celebrates the stories and results of Scottish Plant Hunters. It's a haven of peace and quiet after the bustle of the town. Divided into glades and zones that represent different parts of the world, connected by winding pathways and surprising spaces, you can follow in the footstep of the Scottish Plant Hunters and journey around the world in a single afternoon!

In addition to its extensive collection of trees, shrubs, exotic flowers and resident wildlife, the garden is also home to some art installations and architectural features. Wander along to the David Douglas Pavilion, a dramatic “look-out” constructed from a multitude of different woods, and take in the view, far down below you, of the burn and of plants from all over the world! Walk through the Moongate, an almost circular “arch” made of stone and oak and on to the Mela viewpoint.

Every Summer the garden hosts an exhibition, usually featuring the latest photographic images of exotic flora and fauna that modern day planter hunter (and Explorers Garden Manager) Julia Cordon has captured during her plant hunting expeditions. Entrance is free with your Garden ticket.

The paths throughout the garden are well-maintained and wheelchair accessible, and interpretation boards offer fascinating information about the plants and some of the world's most famous plant hunters, many of whom were Scottish.

Staffed largely by a dedicated team of knowledgeable volunteers, Explorers Garden opens April 1st and closes October 31st.

A wide selection of unusual plants is available (in season) from the kiosk at the entrance to the garden, or outside the main theatre entrance.

For further information, log onto: www.explorersgarden.com