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Fish Ladder and Loch Faskally

Pitlochry Fish Ladder is just one of the town's more famous and most visited attractions. It was constructed between 1947 and completed in 1952, the River Tummel was dammed which flooded the old Pitlochry Highland Games Field now known as Loch Faskally. The Fish Ladder consists of 34 separate pools, each pool has a 1 metre opening below the water level to allow the fish to pass onto the next pool. There are 3 larger pools where the fish can rest and one of these pools is where you can view the Salmon. The viewing chamber has two viewing windows to enable visitors to observe the salmon and it is equipped with a fish counter which allows the number of fish making the journey up the ladder each year to be recorded.

Usually the water level rises when there has been heavy rainfall or in the winter if there has been a fast snow melt. The dam gates will then be opened to allow the water to pour into the River Tummel below the dam. In the winter of 2015 there was an overnight thaw which resulted in the River Tummel rising up over road level at Port na Craig and the large stone by the suspension bridge could no longer be seen!

One of the most popular walks in Pitlochry is over the Fish Ladder, it will lead you across the River Tummel to the Dam on Loch Faskally, onto the ancient hamlet Port na Craig where the Pitlochry Festival Theatre is located then over the suspension bridge which will lead you back into the main town.