Pitlochry Partnership Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Who We Are

The Pitlochry Partnership is a membership organisation that assists to promote Pitlochry and the surrounding area and provide a platform for members to promote their own business on pitlochry.org and receive other membership benefits.

This Privacy Policy only applies to Pitlochry Partnership and not to the websites of our members or other organisations to which we may provide links. We are not responsible for the information Notices/Privacy Policy, terms and conditions or practices of such third party sites and you should make your own enquiries in respect to any or each of them.

Website Compliance

The Pitlochry Partnership regularly asks its Webmaster to review the Pitlochry.org website for GDPR compliance and makes updates as appropriate. The website uses the HTTPS protocol and is in addition otherwise currently compliant.

The Pitlochry Partnership stores and uses Members’ Data as follows

  1. Members’ Data is restricted to basic contact details - name, address, phone number and email address.
  2. Members’ Data is held on a single file stored securely on Google Drive. Data is held purely for the purposes of contacting Members on legitimate and necessary Partnership business.
  3. Members’ contact email addresses are also held securely by the Pitlochry Partnership Webmaster (third party) for the purposes of sending the quarterly Members’ newsletter and general Members’ updates.
  4. Members’ Data is not used by or sold to any third party.
  5. Our Webmaster is GDPR compliant as is the software used for newsletter distribution. The Pitlochry Partnership has a Data Processing Agreement in place with our Webmaster.
  6. Annual membership renewal letters are sent by post and payments can be made by bank transfer, cheque or Paypal through the Members’ page on Pitlochry.org.
  7. Members’ Data will be held until such time as the Member chooses not to renew membership of The Pitlochry Partnership.
  8. For completeness, an annual audit of Members’ Data is carried out to ensure old data is removed and destroyed.
  9. Old data is deleted from the relevant database and related emails are deleted.
  10. Transmission of Data Overseas - The Pitlochry Partnership will not transfer Personal Data to a country outside the European Economic Area without your prior consent and without first having assessed the adequacy of protection for individual rights in respect of personal data available in that country.

The Pitlochry Partnership stores and uses Non-members’ Data as follows

  1. Non-members’ Data is limited to email addresses submitted by members of the public through the Pitlochry.org newsletter request portal. The email addresses are held securely by the Pitlochry Partnership Webmaster (third party).
  2. Non-members’ Data is used solely for the purposes of sending Pitlochry Partnership general public update newsletters. These newsletters are sent approximately quarterly.
  3. Non-members’ Data is not used by or sold to any third party.
  4. Each newsletter contains an ‘Unsubscribe’ button which can be activated at any time.

Access to and rectification or erasure of personal information

Members and non-members have the right to access, rectify or request erasure or restriction of processing of any information Pitlochry Partnership have collected, at any time, subject to the prevailing Data Protection legislation in force at that time.

If you would like to do so, or if you have any other queries about this policy, please contact info@pitlochry.org. Any comments or complaints should also be directed to info@pitlochry.org.

Internet Security

The Internet is inherently insecure. Personal information submitted by means of the Internet may be vulnerable to unauthorised access by third parties. Submission of personal information using the Internet is at your own risk. We will take reasonable and appropriate technical measures to ensure that your personal information is stored in a secure manner. However, we shall have no liability for disclosure of data due to errors in transmission or the fraudulent, negligent or other illegal acts of a third party, such as ‘Hacking’. Any transmission of personal information on or through the use of our website is at your own risk.


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